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We are pleased to welcome you to our website. Since 1979, we have been involved in the racing arena at the top level. Acquiring experience and know-how, designing racing engines, engine management and data acquisition systems in support of top level racing teams worldwide has been our mission.


Like a fine-tuned piece of machinery, EuroAmerican Engineering relies on the synergy of top-quality components to function at the highest possible level.


Advancing the design and performance of the world’s most prestigious cars such as Dallara™, Osella™, Lucchini™, Picchio™, Porsche™, Ferrari™, and Minardi™, we have assembled a crew of world-class engineers dedicated to realizing the very best in engine management and data acquisition.


After 3 decades collaborating with Walbro TDD, EFI, Magneti Marelli, and Mectronik this experience boosts our potential to the top.


We offer our customers solutions that until now have been only available in a dream.  You will see for yourself why we say that our knowledge and experience are the main motor of our company.


EuroAmerican Engineering was founded by one of the last true sources of Italian racing heritage and spirit…Chief Engineer and President Danilo Gardi. After 4 decades of driving, engineering and consulting in the Formula, Prototype and GT arenas, Danilo brings his lifetime of race engineering experience to each and every project we accept, no matter the complexity.


It’s a fact that two identical sets of racing components prepared by two different teams, will produce vastly different results on the dyno, and on the track.


Each and every system that we design and build is assembled and calibrated to our exacting tolerances and standards. We focus the very same care and attention onto an engine destined for a kit car, as we do into a $40,000 powerplant destined for a LeMans Prototype. In short, EuroAmerican Engineering offers effective, measurable solutions to gain power, torque, handling and speed.


EuroAmerican Engineering provides


  • Racing Engines and High Performance Street Legal Engines Design and Build
  • Chassis Design and Tuning
  • Composite Design, Manufacturing and Tooling
  • Trackside Hardware and Software Support
  • Electronic Engine Control, ECU Mapping, Telemetry Systems, Data Aquisition and Traction Control
  • Historic and Collector Car Authentication, Inspection and Brokerage in collaboration with Historic Car International Trading LLC
  • Exotic Car Management
  • Quality Assurance


Our company provides the highest quality experience and workmanship to our customers. We are proud to bring our racing heritage to the game, whatever the project.  If we could advise or help you in any way, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.











EuroAmerican Engineering has the experience to deliver extra power and torque gained through engineering solutions affected during your systems conception and assembly. We employ engine building decisions and techniques which produce a more durable, powerful engine. Our powerplants will last longer and provide better performance than the competition… WE GUARANTEE IT.

 We produce engine solutions for those who demand performance. Although right at home on top level racing configurations. We welcome the Performance Street enthusiast.


Engine Build A - Z

De Tomaso Pantera GTS

Chevy 383 - Kustom Signature

Giuliano Palmieri

Cups of espresso we've been drinking to finish our projects!






Entry Level Performance - Starting at $6500



EuroAmerican Engineering’s Entry Level Performance (ELP Series) engines are professionally hand made power plants which must not be confused with other ‘crate’ engines available in this price range.

We are first and foremost a performance engineering company with a passion for power and speed which is crafted into each and every engine we offer, regardless of the customer’s budget or application.

Every ELP Series engine is patiently assembled by an engineer who scrutinizes each component as it goes into your engine. We are proud of every engine we deliver and we stand behind them.



Sport Performance - Starting at $9000



The Sport Performance (SP Series) from EuroAmerican Engineering is designed to deliver maximum street performance for the driver who is ready to take the next step in power and torque from the ELP Series.

SP Series engines offer upgrades in metallurgy and geometry which produce a higher performance engine.

Durable beyond 150,000 miles, this engine is a perfect solution for the driver wanting to press the limits of a street performance engine day after day, year after year, without fear of damaging the engine.





Kit cars often push the limits of street-ability by employing the latest and lightest systems. This can produce a street legal vehicle that performs like a racecar.

Very often the kit car requires special controls, drive-train, engine mounting, ventilation, period correctness etc. The very heart and soul of a kit car is the marriage of the engine to the car.

Our KC Series engines may be based on an ELP Series, SP Series or Q Series engine, as your requirements demand. The factor that makes it a KC Series engine is the design specific to the recipient vehicle.



“Q” Series Engines - $13,000



In the Italian language, ‘Quasi’ means ‘Almost’. This is the spirit of the “Q” (Quasi Racing) Series engines produced by EuroAmerican Engineering. They are ‘almost’ full racing engines.

Built with all the necessary hardware to be converted to a dedicated racing engine, our “Q” Series engines are designed to fulfill the dreams of the car owner who wants a street-able car today, but the ability to upgrade to a full racing engine tomorrow.

Capable of turning high RPM and producing massive power even before conversion, once converted, these engines are fully ready to win races. “Q” Series engines are available in many configurations, but all are configured to accept our conversion kit which takes them from street legal monsters, to fully competitive racing engines which are not suitable for the street.



RACING ENGINE - Starting at $17,000



EuroAmerican Engineering specializes in the conception, design, fabrication, assembly and testing of world class racing engines.

Those Racing Engines win races all over the world, including many national championships. What sets our racing engines apart from the competition is the man behind our design.

Chief Engineer Danilo Gardi already designs and oversees every engine project we produce, but for our racing engines, Danilo personally hand assembles and tunes each and every unit. There’s no substitute for the kind of finesse and experience Danilo brings to all project phases. The end result (certified during the testing phase) is a measurable and substantial advantage in power, torque and longevity over a race engine built by any other firm.

The secrets to our success are often guarded, but rest assured, they are real… and proven. Before the first component of your engine is designed, you will have an extensive consultation with Danilo on matters of importance to you, and on matters that you hadn’t even considered.

In virtually all racing engines we develop, concepts previously unknown to the client are employed, delivering huge gains in power and torque over what would have been without our modifications. Because EuroAmerican Racing Engines are purposefully built for each project, we do not list any baselines or starting points. The only way to get your very own EuroAmerican Racing Engine is to contact us, and we’ll begin the development of your engine…from scratch.






One of the most rewarding aspects of our business, are the projects of specialty engine restoration or replication.

We are uniquely qualified to restore or replicate even the most complicated engines…both historic and modern.

Established engine builders from around the world consult us on matters of rare, complicated or forgotten engines.


We are ready to help you in the right direction regarding all of your specialty engine desires.





EuroAmerican Engineering is a full service Carbon Fiber and Composites tooling, manufacturing and repair facility. Carbon fiber is an essential component of most racing vehicles.


We offer solutions in composites derived from years of experience with race vehicles of land, sea and air. With 10 years experience in aviation manufacturing, our composite engineer produces the lightest and strongest composite components built to aviation manufacturing standards.


Our experience with composites gives us the edge over the competition in strength, durability, weight savings and fit/finish.


The conception of a racing engine for your car should include a careful calculation of application, power requirements and regulated limits, historically motivated regulations, car and driver dynamics and so on. There is no one solution for winning in competitive racing. Success can be achieved using many formulas for car setup, engine design and the mating of the two.


Re-building your current engine is a very real possibility. There are limitations to the amount of bore available on some engines, but many can be resized. Others may be re-lined.


With that said, we will turn your components into a racing engine that will outperform your competition and be absolutely reliable. Let me be clear...we do not make crate engines. Each and every engine we make is specifically designed for the purpose of that car and driver. We consult with every customer many times during the conception and design phase and that carries right through to dynomometer and delivery.


EuroAmerican Engineering has the experience to deliver extra power and torque gained through engineering solutions affected during your system's conception and assembly. Our powerplants will last longer and provide better performance than your competition's engines...we guarantee it.


Engine dynometer testing is the standard by which engine performance regarding power and torque are measured. Although the results may be certified, there are many variables involved in how an engine performs on the track or street. Nevertheless, bigger power and targeted torque values equal better performance. Decisions made during the dynometer testing phase will be carried through to the racecar after installation of the engine. EuroAmerican Engineering is uniquely qualified to oversee and coordinate testing and fine tuning of high performance powerplants.


As engine technology has progressed, there has been staggering improvements in efficiency and power gained through the introduction of electronic engine management and fuel injection. Although there are powerful engines still using a carburetor and distributor cap, the very same rotating assembly and block achieves a much more powerful and fuel efficient solution using an Electronic Control Unit (ECU).


By comparison, a carburetor fed engine with distributor supplies a steady mist of fuel/air to the cylinders and then a single spark occurs at the same relative time upon each compression, harnessing the resultant power. The control available over this type of engine is very limited. Regarding the fuel delivery and spark delivery system, you can change the spark plugs , use different fuels, change carburetor settings/jets and so on.


Now let’s consider an equal engine with fuel injection and an ECU, instead of a carburetor and distributor. Even with a good understanding of the principles of ECUs and injection powerplants, most enthusiasts and many professionals don’t grasp the complexity of mapping and controlling an engine performing at it’s limits. The results which can be achieved by an experienced engine mapping engineer are priceless.


One of the main thieves of power in a fuel injected performance engine is interpolation. Interpolation is when an engine management system must hypothesize a solution for fuel injection and spark because the time allowed to make a more accurate calculation is not sufficient. Interpolation is how the vast majority of engine management systems get the job done. Although interpolation is a solution which fills in the blanks between actual sensor readings, it’s a solution that leaves much of the engines potential unused.


The best way to extract every ounce of available power from an engine is to make sensor readings, telemetry readings, injection decisions, firing decisions and any engine strategy in real time…even at 19,000 rpm. At that speed in an 8 cylinder engine, each cylinder has 158 injections events and 158 spark events per second. Even at the very common performance rpm of 6000, the event count is still 50 per second. Few companies offer the capability of controlled mapping at these RPMs without interpolation.


Even at the incredible rate of 200+ events per second, you are able to precisely map injection and spark values for each throttle degree based on real time sensor information including available traction and traction control, ambient air pressure and temperature, driver condition and almost any other variable which can be monitored by sensor.


EuroAmerican Engineering is at the forefront in our understanding and support of Electronically Controlled Racing and High Performance Street Engines.



Danilo Gardi


Zack Stilwell


Luca Beltrami


Johnathen Crabill


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